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The BROAD Museum

You’ve been to the LACMA and its public Urban Light display and you’ve been to the MOCA and its bizarre contemporary pieces, and so you think you’ve done it all, but really you haven’t even made a dent in all that Los Angeles has to offer when it comes to art. Although I am aware of its obvious popularity and its extremely long waitlist, I still have to stress that the BROAD museum is a must. All it takes is logging on to and reserving a day to visit, which will probably be a spot 3 months down the line! The demand for tickets makes this museum one you must commit to. No short term relationships here, so commitment phobes beware, because the BROAD isn’t putting out that easily!

Seems like a hassle to pursue something when you’re not sure what the future has planned, but it’s worth it. If you’re scared of not being available when the day comes around, don’t fret! Selling BROAD tickets won’t be a hassle. Just turn to your social media  outlets and watch them sell like hotcakes. Somebody else will gladly take them off your hands, just make sure you won’t regret leaving them behind. Also, certain installations have expiration dates, so you don’t want to sit there thinking could’ve, would’ve, should’ve. Each unique piece that is currently on display at the BROAD offers a different experience that can’t possibly be passed up by a fear of commitment.

Walking in, just the architecture alone has you oohing and ahhing the whole way through. The escalator ride to the show room is like traveling up a cave and the large modern room it pours you into is filled with odd pieces and famous icons like Roy Lichtensein and Andy Warhol.If you take the stairs back down, you’ll pass a window that allows you to peek into the warehouse where they store the art pieces!

My favorite instillation was The Visitors done by Ragnar Kjartansson in 2012. Make sure not to skip this dark room of what I can only explain as a bone chilling work of art. The small opening within one of the blindingly white walls of the BROAD is the entrance to a room of multiple screens that I, admittedly, first criticized before being embraced by the sounds and images of humanity making music in unison. Together, the melody was deep and inspiring. People coming together from different places and backgrounds, to create something beautiful and heartbreaking.

IMG_0660The BROAD offers peculiar and extremely artful pieces that can have you roaming around in this small museum for hours!

If the Infinity Mirrored Room is still being shown, make sure to sign up for the waitlist BEFORE frolicking through the museum. Our wait time was about 3 hours, in which we not only finished the entire museum, but had an incredible lunch at Otium next door.

Special thanks to Nikta Yazdi!

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