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Food Tours Through Downtown, LA

If you live in Los Angeles, most likely you’re a foodie. The number of awesome restaurants in our city are endless, but the repetitive sit down restaurants sometimes get a little old, and we crave something different and innovative. So instead of the common wine tasting, why not do a food tasting?

Downtown Los Angeles has always been considered to be a “dirty” city. There are homeless, there is trash, and there are venders selling God knows what kind of junk. Throw in traffic and expensive parking, and it becomes a place to avoid at all costs. My advice? Take those opinions and toss them out the window because downtown is on the rise and avoiding it means you’re going to miss out!

It’s full of the character you crave from cities like New York, Chicago and Boston. It has so many old architectural buildings that send goosebumps up and down your spine. There are stains from the past in small hidden corners, like the old Subway station, or areas where people have advocated for the change that became the reality we live in today. Cool restaurants and stores that from the outside, look like nothing special, but once you walk in, you’re transported into a whole new time and place. Overwhelmed? Well why not have a pretty awesome and friendly tour guide to take you through the hidden gem’s in downtown while also tasting different foods at different delicious and popular eateries.

When you Yelp “cool things to do in DTLA” or find a trendy restaurant in the industrial district, you drive straight to and from your destination, but like the other cities I listed, you don’t really discover the treasures and embrace the character of the city, until you walk through it. Six Taste Food Tours takes you on a tour through downtown for about 3 and a half hours and gives you the exclusive key to downtown’s glory, while eating croissants, brisket, grilled cheese, tacos, maple bacon donuts and, of course, macaroons. You don’t even have to pair your foodie indulgence with guilt because the walk itself burns off some of the calories you consume.If you’re worried about being out of shape, don’t! The tour is not fast paced. You can walk at your own speed and enjoy the skyscrapers and fire escapes that wrap around you.

Go to and choose the Downtown LA tour to learn more about your downtown food tasting!


Special thanks to Jasmine Moezzi for taking me on the tour!


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