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Afternoon Tea at the Langham

Pinkies up ladies! It’s high tea time.Get dolled up on a weekend or weekday, and channel your inner femininity at Langham’s Afternoon Tea with Wedgwood. The original Langham opened its doors in London in 1865. It was the first luxury hotel in all of Europe to offer afternoon tea, so let’s do as the British do and drink tea while nibbling on cucumber sandwiches and mini scones, but instead of being in London, you’ll be within the beautiful residential areas of Pasadena, California.


Although it’s called Afternoon Tea with Wedgwood, we Americans have to throw in some booze and twist the traditional high tea experience by pairing it with Rosé. I have to say, with or without the champagne, there’s nothing that makes you feel more lady like then high tea, whether it’s for a birthday, a baby shower or even just an afternoon with your girls. Dust off your hat boxes, pull out your pearls and head to the Langham Hotel in Pasadena where you too can feel like Audrey.

Carry on the classic tradition with fine china and elegant ambiance and if you get the chance, roam the neighborhood and check out the mansions that used to make Pasadena one of the wealthiest areas in California during the 1940’s.

Afternoon tea with Wedgwood is offered through out the week. I went on a Sunday morning where the theme was Chocolate. From smoked salmon sandwiches to the biscuits, there was a hint of chocolate in every bite. Yes, there was chocolate in the smoked salmon sandwich and even when I cringed at the idea of it, the bizarre combination was actually extremely delicious. My face would resume a shocked expression after each bite!

The service is impeccable and the staff is gracious. The whole experience is extremely soothing, and although it can sometimes be hard for me to find my graceful and less clumsy side, it was nice to be put in a situation where I was able to be girly. It’s the perfect outing with your best friend, if you want something different from a basic cafe or coffee shop catchup.

Just make sure to make reservations because they do book up pretty quickly. Also, do not go to high tea hungry. You will most likely leave disappointed and if you plan on drinking champagne, you may also end up on top of the table or maybe even under it. You’re variety of pea sized treats are enough to feed a hamster, so come to feel like a bougie bitch, not to Yelp about their cream puffs, even though they’re sensational.



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