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Malibu Wine Safari

Why limit yourself to just any old wine tasting? Instead, why not pretend you’re  taking a safari through Africa? The sky almost looks like it’s on fire, with its many shades of red and orange that blend into each other like drops of water-color on a rough cold press. A solitary tree stands tall in the distance. It’s the only stroke of green within the acres of brown brush. You glance to your left and the king is sunbathing with his lioness. He glances at you as if he acknowledges your presence, but isn’t the least bit threatened because he knows he is the dominant factor in which all things revolve around. On your right, you see the silhouette of a herd of elephants, the excitement inside you intensifies. The beauty of nature and creation is intoxicating, but in this case, instead of being in Africa with Lions, elephants and wildebeests, you’ll be taking a different type of safari with a different method of intoxication. You’ll be on a wine safari …through a winery…in Malibu… intoxicated by wine.

A lot of wine.


But I mean who complains about too much wine right? Especially when it’s a WINE Safari.


So my friends surprised me for my birthday and took me to the Malibu Wine Safari where we sat in what felt like the Indiana Jones car, bumps and all, and entered a 1,000 acre vineyard.

There are different packages offered with different bonuses. We were on the Explorer Tour where we were able to try three types of white wines in the middle of fields of white grapes, and three types of red wines, in the middle of fields of red grapes, and a trailer park. Yes, a trailer park. Although there is wine and grapes, there are also random fun collectables displayed throughout the vineyard. The owner of the vineyard collects old school trailers, taxi’s and Volkswagen buses.So while you gurgle your pretty amazing wine, (except for the third white, it was WAY too sweet for my taste, my friend compared it to Capri Sun), you can also frolic and participate on your very own photo shoot. There is lots to take pictures in front of, next to and on top of, even when they tell you not to sit on the llama.

You’re accompanied by a driver and a tour guide who tells you about the vineyard, the family and their history as you drive through the beautiful property. There are even sentimental and unique art pieces sprinkled throughout the vineyard, but I think the best part, although wine is pretty BEST, are feeding carrots to the Llama’s. They’re so awkward and bizarre.We also fed a couple of bull/cow like animals, horses, pony type dwarf things and of course, the awesome zebra’s who we had to be EXTRA careful around, because they had a habit of crushing your hand, which they mistook as a long, orange and pointed carrot.

In conclusion, this tour is AWESOME. You get wine, you get animals and you get pictures. The whole tour took about an hour and a half, but be warned, you WILL get tipsy and if you’re a lightweight, you WILL get drunk.

There is no food, so if you want to prolong the day, you can bring a picnic basket and head to Malibu wines next door after the tour is over. It’s owned by the same vineyard, and it’s a cool area where people are either picnicking on the grass or have rent tables to picnic on. There is a live band with a country flavor, a dance floor and bars where you can buy bottles of wine. The people who fill the area are friendly  and social, but that could also be that they’re all severely wine drunk. You will probably make a lot of friends, even if your antisocial and rude. There’s a person at Malibu Wines for everyone! Also, if you’re a guy, look out for those cougars, because they are EVERYWHERE. My guy friends were a hit! I thought I was hanging out with One Direction from the amount of women who wanted pictures with them! I would’ve chosen a cooler band to compare them too, but young frazzled boys being chased by 50 somethings doesn’t quite collate to the Foo Fighters and their groupies.

Don’t worry about wine glasses, Malibu Wines has got you covered. When you buy a bottle, they give you as many glasses as you need to go with it. Just don’t buy the wine at the safari and bring it to Malibu Wines. Although it’s the same exact wine they are selling at IMG_1414both locations and the ones you tried on the safari, they won’t let you take it in. You need to buy your wine AT Malibu wines, if you plan on drinking it there.

Make sure to go to their website lasafaris.com ahead of time, to book a reservation with the best wine tasting to plague this earth! Choose your package and the size of your party, whether it’s 2 or 10, and head into the wine haze of the Malibu Wine Safari.

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