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Glaze Fire

We’ve all been to Color Me Mine, whether it’s the same franchise or the same idea, at some point, we’ve all wanted to paint some pottery. It’s the same routine each time, we choose our colors, paint our pieces, try to use stencils and be creative but end up doing stripes or polka dots or just paint it red. Then, we impatiently wait a week to pick up our mugs or bowls or giraffe piggy banks we know we’ll never use. When we do, the staff sees the excitement burn out from our eyes as we pull out our pieces and see the way the color turned out, or find an intrusive black dash on our light pink vase . It’s all fun and rhythmic, but although we have Color Me Mine to satisfy our pottery painting needs, sometimes we want some wine, beer and snacks to help us get through the, at first exciting but then frustrating, experience of painting our own appliances.

I think people underestimate the urge adults, or 20 something year olds, have to be kids. FullSizeRender-2It’s hard to find things out there that cater to your creative and your, I need alcohol to get through this, side after you’re legal, mostly because arts and crafts and child oriented activities are not usually accompanied by
booze, but why must we choose?

Thanks to Glaze Fire, now we won’t have to!

There’s paint night, where you copy a painting and order a glass, or more like a bottle, of wine, but what if you just want to paint a fork while drinking a dry cab and biting into some Gouda. Well, then Glaze Fire is for you! Hidden in Los Feliz next to Alcove Cafe & Bakery is the adult version of Color Me Mine. Besides its amazing ability to encourage alcohol intake with their costumers, it’s also SO MUCH CUTER than the generic, basic, chain look that every single Color Me Mine has. It’s like Starbucks. The one in Glendale, California looks just like the one in Geneva, Switzerland, but Glaze Fire is one of a kind!

It’s your responsibility to provide your own alcohol and snacks, but the friendly staff at Glaze Fire doesn’t rain on your parade when you pull out the wine and screw off the cork. FullSizeRender-1

Pour your friends a glass, take out the cheese board, or whatever else you want to indulge in, then pick your pottery piece, colors and proceed to painting while tipsy. Just don’t pass your limit and start running into tables and breaking things, because the friendly staff will probably quickly turn into the not so friendly staff.

Warning: Glaze Fire is not immune to our total disappointment in color turn out and black dashes on light pink vases, it’s just easier to not be disappointed when you realize you weren’t sober while making those wrong decisions.


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