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Paint Night

Six posts and NOTHING about Paint Night? How dare I? But it’s already out there and everyone knows about it. Like EVERYONE! But if you’ve been living under a rock, and you haven’t heard about Paint Night or seen us girls or cute couples posting the typical Instagram picture where we raise our paintings out in unadulterated pride or shame, then listen up because it’s awesome!

In 2012, a party they had attended at a painting studio, where they served beer and wine, inspired Dan Herman and Sean McGrail to create a similar event, which they named Paint Night. A social night where creative and non-creative types can paint, mingle and drink, Paint Night blew up not only within California, but also around the world!

You start off choosing your date, piece and location online. The paintings can vary. They can either be a picture of something you would want to hang up on your wall, or give to your trash bin as a thank you gift. Either way, everyone has different tastes, although, not everyone’s tastes are necessarily good, but to each their own.

Then your eye catches the location. Personally if I wanted to have a bougie Paint Night, BJ’s wouldn’t be the first place that popped into my mind. Dave & Busters wouldn’t either, but again, to each their own.

We went to Maggiano’s at the Grove. They had blocked off a sunroom like area for the event, and the restaurant alone had an old, Italian feel to it. I wish we went a little earlier so we could have had dinner in the main dinning room, but we ended up grabbing dessert in there after the event ended. The ambiance of Maggiano’s definitely added to the experience and keep in mind that the better the restaurant or bar, the better your wine and food choices.

Other cool locations that Paint Night offers in the Los Angeles area are The Lost Knight, Novo Café, El Compadre, Casey’s Irish Pub, SteingartenLA, Angel City Brewery, Desano Pizzeria and more! Just make sure to look up the location before you commit. If you’re going to pay $45 per person, it’s important that you paint at a place you like, because the ambiance is part of the experience.

When you enter the area of the event, there are canvases set up all around you with a small paint pallet, a couple brushes, a cup of water and a single paper towel. If you need more towels or paint, like me, ask them! They won’t say no even if their faces say otherwise.

The instructors are very sweet and willing to help. You have about an hour and a half to finish your painting, but if you run a little bit overtime, you won’t be kicked out. The instructor also comes around taking pictures of you and your group to post on the Paint Night Facebook page, so make sure not to look like a gargoyle because you can’t ask your friend to remove it. I speak from experience.

One thing people worry about is their artistic abilities. My advice is, stop being insecure! There will MOST DEFINITELY, POSITIVELY, ABSOLUTELY be someone worse than you. I promise. It’s almost better to see a horrible piece then an amazing one anyway. Our painting was a silhouette of a tree next to a pond, which had the reflection of the moon and the stars. I got up to walk around and check out the paintings next to me. A couple of the trees looked nothing like trees, and the only thing some of the paintings had in common with the original were the colors. A guy had gotten half way through, given up, and drawn a stick figure of him, his girlfriend and their cat and dog, later outlining the four of them with a giant heart. Hands down best piece I saw.

Let your creative spirit loose. If you see the owl as a potato, paint the potato. If the sky is blue, but you want to paint it pink, do it! I wouldn’t ignore your inner God or Goddess trying to create a unique piece and have yourself try to conform to the basic standards of the painting sitting in front of you. This isn’t coloring book night. It’s paint night. So paint! And of course, drink a lot of wine; you may end up channeling your inner Van Gogh in your psychedelic drunken state!

12471372_768314449940314_3598503204662186037_o (1)

 P.S. You pay separately for the alcohol and food that you order during the event. Also, check out Groupon for special prices for Paint Night because $45 can be ridiculous.

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