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Malibu Farm Cafe

So I know this is a restaurant, and so inevitably you are thinking, this place revolves around food, but bear with me. For many people it may be exactly that, but not for me. For me, this place revolves around bliss.


Malibu has a lot of hidden gems, Malibu Seafood being one of them, even though it’s not really so hidden, but my best memory of Malibu is Nobu. I know what you’re thinking. Of course Nobu is your favorite spot. It’s cool, chic and luxurious, but it’s not the label of Nobu that made it so great, it was the experience I had when I was there. Sitting on a couch, against the water, with a glass of wine and the sunset an hour away, I discovered pure bliss. The only problem with this scenario and trying to repeat it every single weekend are the ridiculous prices I would have to pay. So, I gave up on bliss and resorted to seeing the ocean from across the street while eating bomb food. Anyway, this blog isn’t about Nobu or Malibu Seafood. Instead, it’s about something I found to replace the excessively discussed and overly priced sushi and fresh seafood spots.

Last week a client walked into the store raving about Malibu Farm Pier Cafe. I am currently working at Beverly Hills Watch Company, helping them with their Marketing, blogging and office work  before law school begins in the Fall. Working here, I get to meet a bunch of cool people, and while they shop for their Rolex’s, AP’s and Patek Phillippe’s, they talk. A lot.

So, this client kept talking about the Malibu Pier Café. She had thrown a birthday brunch for her husband there the weekend before and everyone absolutely loved the food and the ambiance.

I had passed by the big sign that read MALIBU Sports Fishing Pier a million times while heading down PCH and finding my next Malibu adventure, but never thought much of it. Honestly, I assumed it was what it said it was. A sport fishing pier.

So, due to our client’s advice, last weekend I decided to stop and smell the salt water off the Malibu Pier. Your options for on the water restaurants are pretty slim in Malibu, at least slimmer than I would expect for such a luxurious area. Off the top of my head, there is Gladstone’s, whose food went down the drain after its new ownership. Like seriously, it’s bad. Then there’s Geoffrey’s, Duke’s, Moonshadow’s and Mastro’s. One’s either too romantic, too expensive, too dressy or not outdoors and directly against the water. After Nikita closed down, the restaurant next to Nobu, I lost all hope of finding that same bliss again, unless I succumb to Nobu prices.

It’s true, these restaurants are all beautiful, and I am being picky, wanting the same ambiance as Nobu, just there for my taking whenever I feel like it, but I just don’t enjoy the ocean front ambiance that these other places offer.

So, I called Malibu Farm Café, the café on the Malibu pier, to make a reservation. It was a Saturday and I didn’t want to take any chances. When my friends and I got there, we realized that there were actually two restaurants on the pier. One at the beginning and one at the very end.

First of all, the minute you walk past the entry way, you ogle the rustic chic vibes that the pier and the restaurant give off.  The inside decor of both café’s are modern and felt like a place in the Hamptons. Although both café’s had outdoor seating, the one I had reservations for was the restaurant at the beginning of the pier, but I would definitely go back so that I can try the cafe at the end of the pier whose deck was directly on top of the ocean. The only issue with that place was that they didn’t take reservations, so going at a hectic time might leave you waiting a while to be seated. Personally, I think it’s worth it! We we’re there at an odd hour, 4:30 pm, so both cafe’s weren’t too flooded, although thinking about it now, it was close to sunset, so I would have assumed it would have been more packed.

Both restaurants are under the same ownership, but the one at the edge of the pier has burgers and sandwiches, while the other has more ornate plates like gluten-free cauliflower pizza and broccoli and zucchini quesadillas. The type of food wasn’t really my concern, although it was very good. All I wanted was a glass of wine to see if I had found the spot I had been searching for.

We decided to stick to the restaurant at the beginning of the pier, where we sat on couches within the cool patio decor right alongside the crashing waves. Sitting there and ordering a glass of wine, I was able to tap into the bliss I longed for . We sat there for hours, ordered a couple of drinks, nibbled on a few different dishes, and leaned back, taking in the ocean and the sunset.

I am happy to say that I definitely found my new happy place, and although it can get expensive as you order more food and drinks, you can still eat and drink like a human being without paying an arm and a leg. Just keep in mind that they close around 8 o’clock pm, although I don’t see how that would be a inconvenience. The experience wouldn’t be the same in the pitch black abysse that the ocean turns into after sunset.

The ambiance, the ocean and the sense of calm that comes over you from the sounds of the waves crashing against the sand , are  just a few of the things that make you long to come back again.


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