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Duff’s Cakemix!

Imagine a place very much like Color Me Mine and Glaze Fire, but instead of painting pottery, you decorate cakes. Skip the part where you have to make a mess out of your entire kitchen, or the part when your temporarily impressed friends taste your cake, make a face, and then ask why it’s so hard… Continue reading Duff’s Cakemix!

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The Magic Castle

I know that this place is difficult to get into, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not IMPOSSIBLE! Built in 1909, The Magic Castle is advertised as an exclusive and private club solely for magicians and magic enthusiasts who usually have the money and the connections to land a membership approved by the Board… Continue reading The Magic Castle

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Afternoon Tea at the Langham

Pinkies up ladies! It’s high tea time.Get dolled up on a weekend or weekday, and channel your inner femininity at Langham’s Afternoon Tea with Wedgwood. The original Langham opened its doors in London in 1865. It was the first luxury hotel in all of Europe to offer afternoon tea, so let’s do as the British do… Continue reading Afternoon Tea at the Langham