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Malibu Wine Safari

Why limit yourself to just any old wine tasting? Instead, why not pretend you’re  taking a safari through Africa? The sky almost looks like it’s on fire, with its many shades of red and orange that blend into each other like drops of water-color on a rough cold press. A solitary tree stands tall in the distance. It’s… Continue reading Malibu Wine Safari

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Afternoon Tea at the Langham

Pinkies up ladies! It’s high tea time.Get dolled up on a weekend or weekday, and channel your inner femininity at Langham’s Afternoon Tea with Wedgwood. The original Langham opened its doors in London in 1865. It was the first luxury hotel in all of Europe to offer afternoon tea, so let’s do as the British do… Continue reading Afternoon Tea at the Langham

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Food Tours Through Downtown, LA

If you live in Los Angeles, most likely you’re a foodie. The number of awesome restaurants in our city are endless, but the repetitive sit down restaurants sometimes get a little old, and we crave something different and innovative. So instead of the common wine tasting, why not do a food tasting? Downtown Los Angeles… Continue reading Food Tours Through Downtown, LA

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The BROAD Museum

You’ve been to the LACMA and its public Urban Light display and you’ve been to the MOCA and its bizarre contemporary pieces, and so you think you’ve done it all, but really you haven’t even made a dent in all that Los Angeles has to offer when it comes to art. Although I am aware of its… Continue reading The BROAD Museum

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Los Leones Canyon

Trying to find a hiking trail in Los Angeles that isn’t dusty and brown is next to impossible. The drought hit us, and it hit us hard. Former waterfalls have now become dirt roads and anything that was once green and beautiful is now, well, not, but like everything in life, there are exceptions. Hidden… Continue reading Los Leones Canyon